Fire Safe Fuel Hoses

You’re In Safe Hands.

Devised for use on board every vessel type, our Fire
Safe Fuel Hoses safely transport hot fuel to the engine.

The IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention provides the key regulatory framework for fire safety on board ships, and the following safety measures became mandatory SOLAS requirements for all ships from July 2003:

Insulation of all high temperature surfaces at risk of flammable fuel oil impingement

Jacketed (double) pipes in all high-pressure fuel oil delivery lines

Spray shields for any flammable oil lines located above or near potential ignition sources

An innovative design.

To extend the capabilities of our Fire Safe Fuel Hoses, we
combined all the essential safety measures with our
own innovative idea for integrated leakage

Our hoses feature a built-in leak detection system to
detect unexpected loss or gain in pressure, which
connects to your vessel’s own automated warning
system to notify you immediately of any potentially
dangerous leaks in either two layers of the hose.

Optionally, a local visual indication can also be provided by a
manometer or by visual warning lights to further
increase safety awareness.

Approved by the best.

The unique design of our Fire Safe Fuel Hoses holds a DNV GL and RINA Type Approval
Certificate as well as a Lloyd’s Register General Design Appraisal. We are also
working closely with other class societies to obtain their design approval while we
continue to invest in the development of our products.

Custom-built for you.

Made from high flexibility stainless steel and covered
with an insulating sleeve, each hose is custom-made
to ensure easy installation onboard your vessels.
We have three standard sizes: