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Fire Safe Fuel Hoses obtains RINA Type Approval Certificate

With great pleasure Fire Safe Fuel Hoses Pte Ltd presents their recently obtained RINA Type Approval Certificate for the Fire Safe Fuel Hose complete with integrated leakage detection system.

Every year fires on board ships lead to loss of lives and severe damage to the ships themselves. The majority of fires on board ships originate in the engine room and the leading cause of these engine room fires is failure in a flammable fuel oil system followed by impingement of fuel oil onto a high temperature surface.

The IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention provides the key regulatory framework for fire safety on board ships and the following safety measures became mandatory SOLAS requirements for all ships from July 2003:

  • Insulation of all high temperature surfaces at risk of flammable fuel oil impingement after a failure of a fuel oil line;
  • Jacketed (double) pipes in high pressure fuel oil delivery lines;
  • Spray shields for flammable oil lines (fuel, lubrication and hydraulic oil) located immediately above or near potential ignition sources.

The LR and RINA approved Fire Safe Fuel Hose combines this three safety measures and extends this with a leakage detection system which can be connected to the vessel’s automation system. Optionally, a local visual indication can be provided by a local manometer or by visual warning lights.


Lloyd’s Register MACHINERY GENERAL DESIGN APPRAISAL for use in Class II and Class III piping systems (NEN-EN-ISO 10380 compliant).

Patent pending – Fire Safe Fuel Hoses Pte Ltd